Our Services

Agile Services

You need a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, a Mentor/Coach, a Review, or just an Advice,
We are happy to help on short- and long-term.
A really popular Service are our Agile Alignment Workshops.
Fresh Thinking and Refreshing existing knowledge and procedures during 2-3 days only. Just try it.

Agile Software Development

Most time we are asked to use Agile Methodologies in Software Development. But sometimes it makes sense to think about a different Methodologies and/or Philosophies like Scrum, LeSS, SAFe, Kanban or the classical Waterfall; sometimes its making sense to going for a Hybrid approach. Whatever way of Software Development you are looking for we will provide the best Service due our Experienced and Certified colleagues.

Information Security

Information security is a broad field. We focus on ISO 27001, the EU-GDPR, CSA Star as well as the tasks of CISO, CISA & Data Protection Officer.

We also audit systems and companies, support the implementation of processes and solutions, train your employees and teams, and prepare certifications and re-certifications.

We provide consulting and technical support for penetration tests in planning, execution and auditing.